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Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - Industrial Profiles. Mistletoe. The Genus Viscum

Viscum Album has been used as a therapy for no less than 2,000 years, these days predominantly in complementary melanoma remedy. regardless of an seen discrepancy among the recognition of mistletoe extracts and their category as a non-conventional therapy modality with unproven efficacy in oncology, mistletoe is without doubt one of the most generally used adjuvant remedies of neoplastic issues, particularly in German talking components.

Atlas of Microscopy of Medicinal Plants, Culinary Herbs and Spices

This reference paintings offers via unique drawings and concise textual content the major to choosing lower than the microscope, from airborne dirt and dust, scraps, dry fragments and related fabric, crops which are accepted as medicines or as flavourings or additions to nutrients. in accordance with their very winning, yet long-out-of-print guide, "Powdered Vegetable Drugs", (Churchill 1968), which this new atlas now supersedes, Drs Jackson and Snowden conceal over one hundred thirty universal vegetation, and some more odd ones.

Las palmeras del Peru : colecciones, patrones de distribucion geografica, ecologia, estatutos de conservacion, nombres vernaculos, utilizaciones

Sinopsis de subfamilias, tribus, subtribus y generos. Colecciones de palmeras nativas. Aiphanes. Aphandra. Astrocaryum. Attalea. Bactris. Catoblastus. Ceroxylon. Chamaedorea. Chelyocarpus. Desmoncus. Dictyocarym. Elaeis. Euterpe. Geonoma. Hyospathe. Iriartea. Iriartella. Itaya. Lepidocaryum. Manicaria.

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