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By Krishna R. Dronamraju

From the old beginnings of Haldane's unique speculation to present learn, this publication evaluates infectious ailments from an evolutionary point of view. It surveys the newest details on the topic of significant infections, resembling malaria, influenza and leishmaniasis.

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Falciparum malaria fairly recently so that none of the 17:38 P1: JMT 0521820669c02 CB631-Dronamraju-v1 24 December 15, 2003 D. J. Weatherall other population forces – migrations, recombination, and drift, for example – have had sufficient time to bring them into genetic equilibrium with the haplotype backgrounds. However, although these observations provide strong circumstantial evidence that the high frequency of β thalassemia reflects heterozygote advantage against malaria, this conclusion will only be proved to be correct beyond a doubt by the application of the kind of case control studies that have been so successful in the case of the sickle-cell and α thalassemia genes.

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