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Mary Pickford, “America’s Sweetheart,” honored Air Corps personnel during the games with a recep27 AMERICAN AIRPOWER COMES OF AGE tion at Pickfair. Later, she was flown in a bomber escorted by six fighters to Los Angeles. All these events garnered generally favorable notice. On the first Saturday of November 1932, more than 70,000 people attempted to reach March Field to help the wing celebrate its birthday. At the same time, scenes of March Field were being used by movie producers, as were the men and airplanes of March Field.

He witnessed the contrast between the “no expense spared” wartime pace of procurement and development he had been a part of during 1917–18 with the more deliberate, parsimonious routine of 1929–31. His knowledge of the Materiel Center and its operation would prove to be of considerable value during World War II. This assignment, away from direct flying, would not have been Arnold’s first choice and he was not always patient enough to appreciate fully the ongoing advances being made there. He seemed at the time to evaluate research only in terms of clearly defined, immediate operational results.

The day the fighting ended, he recorded that he and another officer “had it fixed to go over lines before hostilities ceased on voluntary patrol. ”41 He spent the next three weeks observing the results of the fighting, much of the time from the air. While in France he had a “wonderful opportunity to see storehouses, machine shops, ordnance storehouses and hangars and repair shops. ”42 He submitted a report of his observations upon arrival in Paris, then spent part of his six days there visiting such sites as Versailles and Napoléon’s tomb.

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