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By Stephen Foster, Nicholas Bell

Ollie was once with reference to cured of his basketcase habits;: the neurotic lurcher ultimately looked as if it would have his paws planted firmly at the flooring (well, almost). yet did Stephen Foster take a well-earned relaxation? now not. He determined something was once lacking from Ollie's existence, anyone who may fairly comprehend him, a pal with whom he may have dog-to-dog chats. "If you need to get one other puppy get a girl," the specialists instructed Foster. So he bought a boy, a pure-bred Saluki lunatic referred to as Dylan. once the hot dog peered during the door, Ollie threw his grasp a glance of contemptuous disbelief that acknowledged, "I refuse to have whatever whatever to do with this. you are by yourself, pal." The riotously humorous alongside got here Dylan takes up the place Foster's bestselling strolling Ollie left off, yet rather than one dogs conundrum, he is acquired : Dylan, the outlaw, proves to be nearly untrainable; Ollie, feeling threatened, turns into more and more delinquent, and Foster is stuck within the center pondering why man's...

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3. He feels no pain. 4. He is excellent at pretending to submit. He does not give a monkey’s how many times he is thrown across a room. After Dylan had demonstrated point one many times over, he found that he had effectively broken Ollie’s resistance and could therefore begin to enjoy the thrills of point four. As the days passed, I began to note that Ollie looked forward to the moment when his little brother would appear for his daily drubbing. He would turn round a few times on the sofa and adopt the en guard!

I go along wearing my most innocent demeanour, I am just a regular punter looking for a pup, that’s all. We are greeted warmly, with a complete absence of any of the suspicions that I have invented. There are five or six Salukis at the house, and really, it is they who interview us. ’ This is what their expressions say. If they were feline, rather than canine, they would be the Aristocats. At some point during this interview, Farid climbs up and sits next to Trezza on a sofa. While we are drinking tea and being given smoked salmon sandwiches and talking with Karen, Farid secretly removes the scrunchy from Trezza’s hair using the ‘stealthy teeth’ method.

It would soon be dark, and Trezza and I were not surprised to find that we were the only people out. When it was just the two of them on their own, without the distraction of any other dogs, Ollie was beginning to respect Dylan as a sporting rival. Here we could see the principle, the guiding idea, as it were, beginning to come off. Ollie was happier than he used to be, he was not sulking and doing nothing, he was having a bad old time with his bad self and his bad brother. And Dylan loved it. He was very game, and – had Ollie only been able to see it – he was going to be a lot faster than him, and soon enough too.

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