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By Dave Isay

StoryCorps travels the USA, amassing and conserving the tales of our lives. every one dialog is housed within the Library of Congress, and plenty of are broadcast on NPR’s Morning version, heard via thousands of listeners each one week. informed from the hearts, souls, and lives of person americans, those tales make us chuckle, cry, imagine, consider, and comprehend that we're all worthy hearing and remembering.

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Elliot Reiken: At first, you and your sister couldn’t tell us apart and we couldn’t tell you two apart. Remember how you decided on which one you were going with? ” Within a few weeks, I knew Elliot. I never went over to Danny thinking it was Elliot. And lo and behold, those were the ones we ended with. I walked with you; I married you. Bunny walked with Danny; she married Danny. Lucky us, because I don’t think it would’ve 1S worked the other way. R You were tall. You were handsome. indd 33 7/19/11 3:54 PM ALL THERE IS musician made you glamorous and sexy, automatically.

But I didn’t know how to break it to you. How do we make this work? Over the phone I said I’d like to come out there for an extended stay, and see how it works. You were cautious but encouraging, and so I ended up selling everything I owned, pretty much, and drove out in Daisy, my 1966 Oldsmobile, to stay with you. Isabel: It took you almost a month. ” So I rushed home, and I opened the window: I’m like, There you are! Scott: It was really just the most incredible experience, coming all that way and knowing that I was going to see this beautiful girl that I had fallen in love with.

You were this scrawny guy with great big 1S blue eyes looking at me all the time and never saying anything. indd 29 7/19/11 3:54 PM ALL THERE IS Tomas: As I learned many years later, you thought that I had some mental disorder. ] Carol: I thought you were maybe a little slow, and I kind of felt sorry for you. So I just kind of smiled at you once in a while. It was your job to make the pancakes every morning. One day you made me these pancakes in the shape of hearts. I knew something was up, and I tried to talk to you, but you didn’t really talk back.

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