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And it can't be related to goodness or badness. It's beyond all of that. But it also embraces all of that. So what motivates you to come every month? Nothing. There is no one who is motivated. The body/mind of Tony Parsons steps into the train and notices that it's getting off at the other end. It just happens; nothing is motivating it. There's no agenda going on here. All that's happening is nothing is speaking to nothing. There's no agenda or need in that, there's no motive in that at all. If there was, I would advise you all to leave right now, because it's just another manipulation.

So there's nobody there centrally who needs anything, but need arises. The centre that was there before that wanted everything to come to it is no longer there. But Tony Parsons needs dinner or whatever - anything that arises. This probably won't mean anything but it seems to me that it could be described as the clock has just stopped ticking. Yes, it's the same thing - there is no longer any time factor involved, therefore there is no sense of a future or a past. But the other thing about this is that it isn't really a personalised thing.

But whatever effort you put into this never brings anything other than the reinforcement of somebody putting effort into something which already is the case. G O O I f you're in the clear vision and you're in the absolute consciousness, then as absolute consciousness you could azvaken whom you want to. Oh no, not at all. There's no way in which anybody can bring about another person's awakening because nobody is awakened, 44 so you can't make somebody else awakened. All it is is the dropping away of the seeker, and nobody else can make anybody drop the seeker.

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