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By Eldon G. Wolff

В книге рассмотрена история пневматического оружия с древнейших времен по 1909 год, с кратким обзором современного (на момент выход книги) состояния этого вида стрелкового оружия.

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13 Playing back at an angle to the defence. 14 Changing the direction of the attack. 14/352119/alw/r2 There are only three ways to beat the defence: go around it (overlap), go through it (penetrate) or go over it (kick). 15 by putting an extra pair of hands in the attack or to penetrate the defence by putting another player into a gap. Loop Pass Preparation 1. Receiver makes target 2. Ball carrier watches defender 3. Determine length of pass 4. Use arms, wrists and fingers to fire pass 5. Look at target area and pass into gap a 12 Ball Handling Execution 1.

Run quickly but never at full speed to control the movement of the ball. • Pass early with a little more height. • The passer and the receiver talk to each other to coordinate passing and catching. • The defender may not knock the ball down, but must say if the ball was visible to the defence at the point of release. Success Check • Keep the ball visible to the receiver. • Run at the defender. • Lob the ball gently in front of the receiver’s hands. • Turn your head and upper body to look at the target.

34 Footwork Success Check • Run at pace with control. • Drag the defender sideways quickly. • Sidestep as the defender overtakes you slightly. • Vary your attack. If the defender is expecting a sidestep, attack using speed. 9 Sidestepping a single defender drill. 9/352156/alw/r1 Footwork Drill 5. Avoiding a Slap You need to be able to swerve to both sides. Practise against a line of other players, each of whom holds out an alternate arm with a clenched fist or open hand. Practise swerving first to one and then to the other side.

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