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J 10 i 20 i 30 i 35 1 40 L 50 FREQUENCY IN KILOCYCLES FIG. 10. Individual hearing threshold curves for three rats, Rattus norvegicus, ob­ tained by behavioral, operant conditioning techniques. From G. Gourevitch and M. H. Hack. J. Comp. Physiol. Psychol. 62, 290. Copyright 1966 by the American Psychological Association. Reprinted by permission. 35 HIGH-FREQUENCY HEARING IN MAMMALS 801 c/> S 40H 10-1 1 2 1 1 5 1 10 1 1 20 1 1 1 50 1—|—i i I 100 FIG. 11. Individual evoked response curves from the IC of five forms of rodents.

This means of stimulating excluded all possibility of electrical radiation from the stimulating apparatus, and so constituted an important piece of evidence. The CM and IC curves described by Brown in myomorph rodents thus had a bimodal appearance. This had apparently been missed in earlier work, possibly for at least three reasons. First, many workers did not extend their recordings beyond 30-40 kHz, while the upper peaks in most forms were higher than this. Second, there is the problem of the direc­ tionality of high-frequency sound.

There are three main investigations that have extended the hearing curve into high frequencies. These are the behavioral (Preyer's reflex and vibrissae) responses obtained by Schleidt (1952) up to almost 100 kHz; the inferior collicular gross evoked response of wild-type Mus musculus obtained by Rails (1967) up to 100 kHz, and the CM responses of wildtype Mus obtained up to 80 kHz by Brown (1971b, 1973a,b), and IC responses up to 110 kHz (Brown, 1971b, 1973b). The main difference between these results was in the finding of a peak at 50 kHz by Brown (Figs.

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