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By Donald K. Burleson, Joe Celko, John Paul Cook, Peter Gulutzan

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The common ones are: Use default clauses when you create a table, so that views based on the table will more often be updatable. Include the table's primary key in the view's select list. Use a naming convention to mark non-updatable columns. Use the same naming convention for view names as you use for base table names. Alternatively, view names should begin with the name of the table upon which the view depends. [DB2] Document the view's purpose (security, efficiency, complexity hiding, alternate object terminology) in the view's REMARKS metadata.

Session X------------------X -|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|-period 2 3 4 5 6 Instead of trying to put the session into the periods, this query puts the starts and stops of the periods into the session interval. A period can have a start time, a stop time or both inside the session; this case is why you need to remove the duplicate period numbers. com/oracle Internals of IDENTITY datatype Column CHAPTER 8 The Ghost of Sequential Processing When we were first creating relational database products, we really did not understand at a fundamental level what we were doing.

Again, this makes sense. How can you tell one unknown NULLs group together. This property has nothing to do with simple search conditions, so don't worry about it for now; I will cover this point in another article on the GROUP BY clause later. All of the SQL datatypes can use the basic comparison operators like equal (=), greater than (>), less than (<), not less than (>=), not greater than (<=) and not equal (<>). With the exception of the rules for NULLs, they behave pretty much as in every other programming language.

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