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By Russell H Conwell

Are you caught in limbo, expecting the precise chance to descend from the heavens and remodel your existence? if that is so, you are taking the incorrect procedure, in line with Russell Herman Conwell. In Acres of Diamonds: Our daily Opportunities, Conwell advises readers to coach their eyes at the precious possibilities which are already throughout. A must-read for these looking a paradigm-shattering push in a brand new course.

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T. Stewart went on that principle until he was worth what amounted afterward to forty millions of dollars, owning the very store in which Mr. Wanamaker carries on his great work in New York. His fortune was made by his losing something, which taught him the great lesson that he must only invest himself or his money in something that people need. When will you salesmen learn it? When will you manufacturers learn that you must know the changing needs of humanity if you would succeed in life? Apply yourselves, all you Christian people, as manufacturers or merchants or workmen to supply that human need.

I remember one at Niagara Falls. I think I remember one a great deal nearer. I think there are gentlemen present who were at a great banquet, and I beg pardon of his friends. At a banquet here in Philadelphia there sat beside me a kind-hearted young man, and he said, "Mr. Conwell, you have been sick for two or three years. " I thanked him very much, and perhaps I ought not to mention the incident in this way, but I follow the facts. " At that the chauffeur laughed so heartily that he lost control of his machine.

Its fortune was made by John Jacob Astor after they had failed in business, not by giving them any more money, but by finding out what the ladies liked for bonnets before they wasted any material in making them up. I tell you if a man could foresee the millinery business he could foresee anything under heaven! Suppose I were to go through this audience to-night and ask you in this great manufacturing city if there are not opportunities to get rich in manufacturing. " Young man, the history of the breaking up of the trusts by that attack upon "big business" is only illustrating what is now the opportunity of the smaller man.

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