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By William C. Dietz

The reliable prequel to the blockbuster videogame Resistance 3.

America. July 1953.
In this respectable prequel to Resistance 3, clients will not be taking a look up for planet Earth or Lieutenant Joseph Capelli. With the Chimera invasion in complete swing, the USA has crumbled below the fierce alien juggernaut, its defenses overrun, hundreds of thousands lifeless, the remaining left to fend for themselves. Many try and stay away from the alien virus that turns people into Chimeran killing machines.

Capelli could be a pariah to the military for killing hero Nathan Hale, yet he's nonetheless a patriot struggling with to avoid wasting the rustic and its voters. besides the fact that, a few squaddies are able to shoot him on sight—not to say that Hale’s appealing sister has each cause on the earth to wish him stone lifeless. yet Capelli’s used to being in risky occasions and taking loopy dangers. And your next step he intends to make is natural suicide.

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