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Kuo Yu-Shou, while the second was held in Mexico from 3 to 8 November. ² OTHER ACTIVITIES IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION Efforts were directed towards the organization in 1948 of an International Conference of Leaders in Adult Education, for which purpose contacts were established with experts in various countries and information on methods and techniques was compiled. Special attention was also paid to educational statistics, the Committee on which met for the first time from 13 March to 1 April under the chairmanship of Dr.

Georges Bidault, delivered the closing address. The first General Conference of UNESCO opened on 20 November, pre- The birth of UNESCO and the first General Conference 29 sided over by Mr. 9 It was attended by delegates from 48 countries of which only 24 (those which had joined the organization by 20 November) had the right to vote. All the meetings were held at the building on Avenue Kléber, the seat of the Organization. The following passage from Mr. Blum’s statement at the opening ceremony is worthy of note: The United Nations Organization and the institutions gathered around it constitute a whole which is devised for the achievement of one specific purpose, namely, the realization of peace between peoples and the achievement of human progress; and in this task as a whole the part to be played by UNESCO is not the least important, as it is not the least noble, since it does consist in creating those intellectual, moral and sentimental conditions upon which the operation of the whole system rests.

PZt. ,, . . . .. ,. ,,,,. The UNESCO Constitution. A session of the Preparatory Commission, London, February 1946. , < THE (Al. 10 A history of UNESCO Independently of the above sessions of the Conference on Higher International Studies, the International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation had agreed in 1928 to add the field of the social sciences to its overall work programme, and a very important step was the preparation of an international survey of the problem of automation, conducted in collaboration with the International Labour Office.

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