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Plantes toxiques `usage médicinal du pourtour méditerranéen

L’intérêt nouveau pour les remèdes naturels engendre un retour en strength du végétal, mais on a parfois oublié que los angeles nature, grande pourvoyeuse d’aliments et de remèdes, constitue aussi un réservoir redoutable de poisons. Ainsi, les companies hospitaliers de réanimation enregistrent-ils chaque année des centaines de cas d’intoxications, parfois mortelles, suite `l’usage impropre ou inconsidéré de certains végétaux.

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It was particularly effective against surface feeding mosquitoes such as Anopheles. More recently Paris green has been incorporated into small granules of vermiculite or bentonite which float on the water surface, and sand granules formulated as small pellets which sink to the bottom.

38 A Guide to Medical Entomology Predators Several attempts have been made to control mosquitoes by using predators. The most commonly used predators are fish, and species in several genera such as Lebistes, Poecilia, Sarotherodon ( = Tilapia), Panchax, have been used, but two subspecies of Gambusia, namely G. affinis affinis and G. affinis holbrooki, commonly referred to as 'mosquito fish' have been employed more extensively than any others. A. Gambusia have been introduced into the Pacific Islands, Europe, the Middle East, south- east Asia and Africa in attempts to control mosquito larvae.

There are more than 50 ooo species ofDiptera in the world, the majority of which are of no medical importance but some of the most important vectors of diseases to man and animals belong to the order Diptera. For example, mosquitoes are vectors of malaria, tsetse flies are vectors of sleeping sickness, blackflies transmit river blindness and phlebotomine sandflies transmit leishmaniasis. I, page 6). les with a simple type of many-segmented antennae which may be relatively long and filamentous as in mosquitoes or considerably shorter such as in blackflies and phlebotomine sandflies.

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