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Their genetic effectiveness (they normally do not strongly influence the viability and phenotype of their carriers). 3. Their numerical variation (between different cells, tissues, individuals and populations). 4. Their meiotic behavior (no chiasmate pairing with the A-chromosomes, lower degree of pairing among themselves, lagging and elimination or preferential non-disjunction during meiosis and post-meiotic divisions). 5. Their mitotic behavior (lagging and elimination, polymitosis or preferential distribution).

They are arranged parallel to one another. ) are packed between these cords. The c. w. is perforated in many places by ~ bordered pits and plasmodesmata which provide direct contact between neighboring cells of a tissue. center - ~ mitotic center. centimorgan - ~ map unit. central body - = ~ centriole. central spindle (Hermann 1891) - -+ spindle. centric - of chromosomes or chromosome segments having a -+ centromere, as opposed to acentric. centric fusion (Robertson 1916) - a reciprocal -+ translocation, in which the large arms of two ~ acrocentric chromosomes unite to form a metacentric chromosome (Fig.

The relative amount of adenine-thymine to guaninecytosine pairs, which are those to which pairing in double stranded DNA is restricted, is called the base pair ratio (A-T/G-C ratio). In RNA thymine is replaced by uracil. basic defect - a uniform defect of a structural or chemical nature which is the basis of the manifold syndromes of a -+ genetic disease. basic number - the smallest monoploid chromosome number of a -+ polyploid series which is symbolized by x. All chromosome numbers being exact multiples of the b.

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