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By Jörg Rüpke

A accomplished remedy of the numerous symbols and associations of Roman faith, this spouse locations a number of the non secular symbols, discourses, and practices, together with Judaism and Christianity, right into a better framework to bare the sprawling panorama of the Roman faith.

  • An cutting edge advent to Roman faith
  • Approaches the sphere with a spotlight at the human-figures rather than the gods
  • Analyzes non secular adjustments from the 8th century BC to the fourth century advert
  • Offers the 1st historical past of spiritual motifs on cash and household/everyday utensils
  • Presents Roman faith inside of its cultural, social, and old contexts

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The manual of Wissowa (1912, repr. 1971) remains indispensable (for a recent assessment of Wissowa’s achievements see Archiv für Religionsgeschichte 5, 2003). For monographic accounts of the religious history of individual provinces see now the series Religion der römischen Provinzen (Belayche 2001; Spickermann 2003, 2007; Kunz 2006; further volumes are forthcoming). The best guide to recent research is given by survey articles every three to four years organized by epochs and provinces (Belayche et al.

Unfortunate excesses in the study of Greek religion (A4), which led nonspecialists to dismiss any scholarship other than empirico-positivist. ” This is perhaps a function of the empirico-positivism of classical studies (A4, B3). Contemporary intellectual bifurcation. Too often classicists who would never utilize the concept “primitive” in other cultural connections continue to use it to characterize aspects of Roman religion. Field bifurcation. Theory continues in religious studies and continues to be refined.

Lack of training in other areas (A2) meant that criticism of “theory” in the study of ancient religion ignored a crucial point. Much of the theory, and almost all of the excesses, arose in the study of Greek religion; theory and comparative material seemed to “work” for that religion. Any theory employed for Roman religion usually postdated its use for Greek religion. B The conceptualizations of classical studies 1 2 Greek civilization was long considered the archetype of Mediterranean antiquity; thus Roman civilization became derivative.

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