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By Lorna Hardwick, Christopher Stray

Studying the large quantity of how during which the humanities, tradition, and considered Greece and Rome were transmitted, interpreted, tailored and used, A spouse to Classical Receptions explores the influence of this phenomenon on either historic and later societies. presents a complete creation and review of classical reception - the translation of classical artwork, tradition, and idea in later centuries, and the Read more...


studying the large quantity of the way within which the humanities, tradition, and regarded Greece and Rome were transmitted, interpreted, tailored and used, A better half to Classical Receptions explores the Read more...

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On the Characteristics of Animals, Volume II, Books 6-11

Aelian (Claudius Aelianus), a Roman born ca. a hundred and seventy CE at Praeneste, was once a scholar of the rhetorician Pausanias of Caesarea, and taught and practised rhetoric. specialist in Attic Greek, he turned a major student and studied historical past less than the patronage of the Roman empress Julia Domna. He it appears spent all his existence in Italy the place he died after 230 CE.

Song Exchange in Roman Pastoral

Agonistic or pleasant track alternate in idyllic settings types the very middle of Roman pastoral. via analyzing intimately the evolution of a wide selection of literary, linguistic, stylistic, and metrical gains, the current ebook makes a speciality of how politics, panegyrics, elegy, heroic, and didactic poetry functionality as visitor genres in the pastoral host style, ranging from Vergil and carrying on with with Calpurnius Siculus, the Einsiedeln Eclogues and Nemesianus.

Ctesias: On India

A Greek health care professional serving on the court docket of the Persian king Artaxerxes II within the 5th century BC, Ctesias met guests and viewers from the a ways jap reaches of the Persian Empire, retailers from alongside the Silk street and Indians from close to the Indus Valley. His Indika (On India), used to be the 1st monograph ever written on India by way of a western writer, introducing its readers to such magnificent creatures because the unicorn and the martichora, besides genuine existence matters akin to the parrot and the artwork of falconry.

The Humblest Sparrow: The Poetry of Venantius Fortunatus

A long-awaited examine of the poetry of Venantius Fortunatus

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Work now in progress or planned is likely to add further dimensions to the issues raised here and to introduce new ones. Inparticular we expect to see more research on reception within antiquity, on the relationship between classical material and creativity (Harrison 2008; Rees 2008), on reception across genres, on alignments between scholarship and creative practice, on the role of the translator as mediator and activator (Lianeri and Zajko 2008) and on the cross-cultural genesis and impact of receptions.

It is in this context of Puritan supremacy that Cowley’s punchline about the ‘man of morals’ is to be understood. While the nameless Greek author just addresses his friends, Cowley makes a thinly veiled allusion to Puritans, perhaps even Oliver Cromwell himself, and their clampdown on drinking. It is obvious that these socio-political connotations of the poem could be pursued in more detail (Revard 1991), but here we want to discuss three aspects of Cowley’s poem as part of the Anacreontic tradition more broadly.

It would thus appear that a simple dichotomy between ‘traditional’ and ‘untraditional’ material does not do justice to the complexities of Hera’s speech. The point is that they did not care: as Glenn Most observes, there is no evidence to speak of that Greek audiences were ever interested in identifying Homer’s sources (Most 2003: 85). Most’s observation poses a problem for the student of reception: even if we accept as likely that Hera’s speech in Iliad 14 depends ultimately on En ma eliš, it is far from clear what exactly follows from this.

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