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By Brian Reade

Fusing the blind ardour of a lifelong supporter with the chilly eye of an award-winning journalist, this is often an up-close and private view of the whole glossy period of Britain's so much winning soccer membership. From their first ever FA Cup win in 1965 to the Champions League defeat in Athens in 2007, this evaluation takes at the amazing tales in the back of the forty eight trophies Liverpool has received. Highlighting the memorable nights that propelled the membership to 5 eu Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, 12 titles, and numerous household cup triumphs, this account additionally discusses their sour mess ups, the tragic mess ups in Sheffield and Brussels, and the barren years of the past due 60s and the 90s.

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He had a point. In the early months of 1965 football was about as appealing as Winston Churchill’s funeral. Actually, not quite as appealing. When that long, dirgeful parade of black unfolded on my nana’s little telly she made me howl with laughter by yelling ‘Good riddance, you feckin’ whore-master,’ as his coffin came into shot. I didn’t have a clue what a feckin’ whore-master was but the joyful manner in which she spat it out contrasted magnificently with the pious Dimbleby tones coming from the box.

It was the first flush of love, and like a religious convert I threw myself into the cause with a rare fanaticism. Wacky Mop Tops were ripped from the wall to be replaced with any badly cut photo (even from a Spot-The-Ball coupon) that bore the visage of The Saint. No matter how small a pinprick he appeared in the background. Vic took this sudden conversion with a mixture of bemusement and resentment. On the one hand he was glad to have someone else to impress with his knowledge, especially someone as desperate to be armed with factual ammunition as me.

Either joining in the twenty-a-side free-for-all in the park in the middle of our Huyton estate, or heading off to Anfield. Fortunately for Vic I no longer had to troop along behind him like a flood victim carrying what’s left of the household furniture. Neither he, nor the stool, accompanied me to the match any more. Instead I tagged along with other lads from our estate like Nicky Williams, John Fleming and Icky Littler. Vic had graduated to the Kop but I still wasn’t ready to flee the Annie Road womb.

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