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That is when you work on some critical things that have nothing to do with blocking and tackling. I'm going to show you our defense. The success we had was not the X's and O's. It was our players' attitude, character, will to prepare, and will to do the things we ask them to do. It is not easy for the coach or player. If your players will pay in the off-season, that's what helps you win on Saturday. That is where the fun comes in and makes it all worthwhile. I was recruiting this year in a high school in Florida.

I don't have time to get into our block reaction. Basically, we are trying to take four guys and form a new line of scrimmage. At one time we played our linebackers five yards deep to attack the line of scrimmage. We went for a visit to Nebraska. We changed a lot of our thinking about the 4-3. A lot the things we do we got from Nebraska. Also, we went to Washington and Arizona. We tried to take different things people were doing and incorporate them into what we are doing. Don't take people and try to bend them into what you want to do.

We have to discipline them until they can do it for themselves. That is a difficult thing for most people. The last quality we look for is persistence. If you are lucky enough to get those three qualities in a person, he is going to be hard to beat, regardless of his speed or size. If you have enough people with those qualities, you are going to be hard to be beat. We are going to try to continue to do things in the off-season to coach those things. Any day we don't scrimmage, we end up on the goal line.

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