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By George Matthew Karl

An entire number of the main an important offensive basketball drills. Covers conditioning, ball-handling, screening, passing, capturing, fast-break, lay-up, publish play, offensive rebounding and out-of-bound drills. each one drill is defined intimately and diagrammed. training guidelines are incorporated for max effects.

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X2 passes to the opposite wing (X3), then sprints upcourt and receives a return pass from X3 about midcourt. While X1 and X3 sprint wide upcourt and then cut sharply to the basket, X2 dribbles to the foul line and stops penetration. He bounce passes to either wing for the lay-up and moves into position to receive an outlet pass on the side the shooter vacated. The opposite wing rebounds and makes an outlet pass to X2, who then makes a fullcourt baseball pass to the right wing player in the next group of three.

Description: The team is divided into groups of four with the players positioned as shown in the diagram below. The free throw shooter puts up an errant shot and plays loose defense on the rebounder. The rebounder secures the ball, pivots toward the near sideline in the air, and executes an outlet pass to the player breaking down the near sideline. The other fast-break player sprints upcourt. As that player crosses midcourt, he cuts toward the receiver of the outlet pass. The outlet receiver hits the cutting player with a pass as he crosses the midcourt line near the center of the court.

Description: The drill involves two playersa shooter (0) and a rebounder/passer (X). Eight spots should be designated in an arc around the basket as shown in the diagram below. A coach should be designated as a timekeeper. Player O takes a position just inside the three-point line near either baseline, while X is under the basket. X begins the drill by passing crisply to the shooter, who releases the first jump-shot. O immediately moves to the next designated spot around the perimeter, receives a pass, shoots, and moves on.

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