A few tips for managing through change

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently talking about change and I was reminded of a few tips to managing through change when working with a team.

Know your team (harder than it sounds!) – who will need more time to adjust? Who might have a negative reaction and need some space to figure out how they fit in? Who has been with the company for a long time and might feel left out of the decision-making process? Give them the support they need and advanced notice if possible.

Make sure everyone understands – really understands why the change is happening. Improving margins and increasing capacity are great reasons for a change but break it down into what that truly means for your team members.

Appreciate and speak into the fear. Often we want to smooth the fear out as managers. It comes from a place of being helpful and trying to fix feelings, but by addressing fear head-on, we can help our team members support the change even better.

Be positive. Another simple one that is harder than it sounds. When we’re unsure ourselves, that can come across in our communication with the team. Celebrate the smaller moments that come with adopting change – when a new process or system works, when you see the first positive change, when you note that a team member has adapted to a change.