The time I got a job while pregnant

I told two men, who owned their own business, who were considering hiring me that I was newly pregnant. The kind of newly pregnant that the baby’s father didn’t even know. I work in the HR field. I know the advice I’d hear from my peers – don’t say anything, they’ll never hire you. But I couldn’t stop myself. Not telling wasn’t an option.

Of course, we live in a country and province that wouldn’t allow for discrimination because of pregnancy.  And of course, again, it would have been very easy to not hire me for any number of reasons. Including that huge umbrella called ‘fit’.

Instead of them finding an excuse not to hire me, or offering a contract instead of a permanent role, they shared in my joy. Later down the road they shared baby clothes, toys, and tried and true methods.

They gave me the job. They paid me more than I expected. They watched me balloon to too many pounds and nearly pass out in the office with high blood pressure. I am a very good mother. But, I did not thrive with the baby part. Without judgement, I was welcomed back to work after just a few months of maternity leave.

I am so grateful to have transitioned to motherhood in such a nurturing space.


PS: I told my kiddo’s dad very shortly thereafter and he quickly forgave being the fourth person to know that we were making a human.