Being consistently inconsistent

I’m not very good with routine. I get bored. Some people tell me that this just means I should do it harder. Until it’s not boring.

This is not a blog post about that.

What works for me is being consistently inconsistent. I can be consistent about the big picture stuff Рpersonal development, mental health, financial management, goal setting, and so on. Setting aside regular time for personal development, health, spiritual discovery, self care, and so on is easy for me. In fact, it is motivating and energizing.
The idea of going to the same yoga class every Thursday, though, makes my brain go sideways. Setting aside time for myself to do something physical or for my health every Thursday is easy. I just have to be inconsistent about what I do – yoga, walk with my neighbour, batch cooking (not brownies), bike ride, etc.
I spent years thinking ‘I fell of the wagon again’. I was constantly feeling like a failure for not sticking to the same things.
No more! I’m consistently inconsistent. I need more than one wagon. I can stick to my commitment without sticking to just one thing.