Office Aesthetics

I think office aesthetics matter. There, I said it. I feel shallow. But, I shouldn’t. I have good reason for thinking office aesthetics matter. I believe that our environment fuels creativity and mental health. Fresh air is so good for us. Daylight is so good for us. Nature feeds our brain’s ideas. I think we should sit, and stand and walk, in workspaces that inspire us. That fuel new ideas. That calm us when we feel stressed and that amp us up when we need it.

I don’t think we have to run around and gold plate things, rather be thoughtful about creating an environment that is clean, welcoming and thought provoking. The image on the wall in my office is from Ikea. It’s an image of the sun shining through a dense, green forest of maples. It wasn’t expensive, but it does allow my mind to escape for a few minutes. To work through a problem or help generate a thought.

Spend time on the experience of your space. You don’t need to spend thousands on a design. Your mind is full of great ideas, and if your mind is tired, the internet has lots of ideas.