Stop sucking it up

Dear women on my team,

Thank you for coming to a women’s event with me. Thank you for being interested in moving women forward. Thank you for being interested in women at work. Thank you for thinking about inclusion for everyone.

To each of you, please do not ‘suck it up and deal with it’. Whatever ‘it’ is, please do what is right. Be forward looking. Make life better for others.

Our team recently went to an event with a panel of women speakers. One woman told the story of going to the strip club with her executive team. She talked about watching the dancers walk off the stage and then approaching them to hit them up for investment business.

The crowd roared with laughter at her revenue strategy.

Her advice to the women in the room was to suck it up like she did. She joined in and went to the club. She sucked it up and dealt with it.

I did not roar with laughter. I looked in horror at my team.

Women on my team, please don’t just deal with the cards you are dealt. If your team goes to the strip club, demand better. If your team does business on the roof top patio, demand better.  If your team does business at the golf course, demand better.

Business takes place where it is accessible to all. If your team is a group of golfers, the golf course might be the perfect place. If four or five out of six or seven of your team golf, the golf course is wrong.

Thank you for being on my team, women. Thank you for being open and honest. Thank you for giving me feedback. Thank you for making me better.