Social events and business metrics

My morning tea rumination landed on social events today. There is often disagreement about whether or not social events fall under the umbrella of human resources. But that’s a different post for a different day. Regardless of whether or not socials fall within Human Resources, should events be correlated to business metrics? Should we connect employee engagement results, sales figures, NPS results, and more to social events?┬áIf the business results are poor, should social events continue? If the NPS results are low, should there be more social events?

I think doing the research, being curious, experimenting and measure, will lead you to the right answer. Correlating social events with business results will give you some direction. You’ll learn if social events positively effect business performance. Likewise, you’ll learn if they impact your customer satisfaction.

Using this information, you can determine how to use social events for influencing business results. Social events are almost always a positive. It’s hard to argue with the idea of people getting to know each other better, building relationships and team building. But, connecting with metrics is important.

Go forth, party. Then measure the results.